About Domestic Goddesses

Cookery and housekeeping training

Domestic Goddesses specialises in personalised cookery and housekeeping training. Each family we work with have different homes, needs and preferences so our training is uniquely designed for each home.

It is always best to start with a chat to discuss you and your family’s needs before setting up a training plan. The cost of training is R200 per hour, excluding ingredients or cleaning material.

We recommend lessons of between 2 - 4 hours at a stretch. The amount work which can be covered in a session varies depending on the complexity of the material and the speed of the learner.

Thekla Salmon 
Cell 082 473 1663
Natalie Poultney
Cell 081 811 4319


  1. Hi there,
    that hamper of goodies looks divine! Would so love a lucky hamper treat!
    Just checked out Diletto's online shop. Too delectable for words . . .
    Spotted a crate (24x) of Jack Black for R241-50. How wonderful is a life full of surprises!
    Holding thumbs . . .
    PS-So happy I spotted your site . . !

  2. Amazing blog!Your potato salad is OHSOAMAZING that Im now constantly asked by friends to make it for their braais!I am not much of a cook but getting positive feedback on dishes that I've prepared definetly gives me the confidence to spend more time in the kitchen and it's all THANKS TO YOU for your easy,healthy delicious recipes.Lots of love Danger Mouse

  3. Wow, it's so nice to see a blog like this with a proud South African flair. I think I just fell in love with it. Thanks for inspiring me to be even more in love with food and healthy eating. Love, Elanae True

    1. Thank you for the great comment! Very flattered indeed. Feeling so far removed from South Africa and my blog right now (being in Norway for work) and am craving my country, my home, my family and my routine again! Watched Jock of the Bushveld a few days ago to get a does of SA and cried from start to finish. Norway is gorgeous though and the people are so health conscious and aware. It has been a delight to cook here so far.
      Be well and feel free to mail me with any questions, suggestion or feedback at any time.

  4. Hi Thekla,
    Although I am a regular visitor to your site, this is my first comment..... being the main cook in our household I often look for inspiration and it's right here on your amazing blog. Next time you are in the Big Smoke let's get together if your busy schedule permits. Preparing a meal for you might be a bit indimitating (lol)

    1. Ag Seamus - that means so much to hear! Thank you!
      Have been considering planning a work trip up in March but not confirmed yet and would love to visit. I am the easiest and most grateful eater, so no reason to stress.