Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Superfoods for fast paced living

This week is a crazy week for me so prolific blogging will not be on the cards, neither prolific cooking for anyone other than my clients.

Yesterday I was on my feet all day teaching and then ended off cooking dinner for 14 people in celebration of my dear friend’s birthday. A few too many glasses of bubbly and late night after a long day… I need an energy boost to get me through the rest of today. I have just whipped up and am sipping on a raw cacao, maca root powder and banana smoothie. It tastes great, was quick to make and I know I am getting the natural boost I need. I think kids would love it too, ‘cause it tastes like milk shake.

I am very into superfoods powders at the moment, when you read up about them it’s hard not to be impressed. Maca root powder sports the following list of qualities – Increased energy, endurance and strength; blanaces hormore levels; improves brain function and boost immunity. It also mentioned something about increased libido and fertility…mmm. Wow… that’s quite a few promises there packed into a packet of powder…

Raw cacao (aka raw coco powder) is a great source of magnesium, is a natural anti depressant, aids with weight loss and it’s one of the highest sources of antioxidants of any food there is. Cool.

I blended a spoon of each powder with a banana (which I had frozen), some milk and added a touch of stevia for sweetness. I should be ready to take over the world in about 45 minutes or so!

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