Thursday, September 15, 2011

Images of yesterday...

Yesterday was a spectacularly beautiful spring day in Cape Town. So I whipped out my camera and took a few pictures, in and around my sisters house where I am looking after her kids for a week.

Lunch was wraps with a selection of fillings: hummus and cottage cheese; guacamole; blanched red cabbage, grated carrot; baby tomato and basil salsa and sweetcorn. My sister has raised her kids with a taste for healthy eating.

In the afternoon I made an apple crumble as there were so many apples in the house. I only realized after I had started that butter was in short supply, so I substituted peanut butter in the place of the missing measure of butter. It was DELICIOUS!!!

The below picture is a picture of granny which my sister has had blown up and put on canvas. She sent this to my grandfather as a memento, the note she wrote on the photo was "Just me on the rocks" - I love the coy casualness!


  1. Ach, I love this picture! Is there any apple crumble left? Probably a silly question with 5 kids...

  2. Such amazing colours, your eye is becoming ever closer to the talent of your exceptional tongue!

  3. I love your pics my Tekki, you really have a great feeling for this! Xx